How much is the My Pet Credentials app?

The smart phone app is free to use for 30 days. Thereafter, the subscription is $6.99/year.

How many pets can I add to the My Pet Credentials app?

You can maintain an unlimited number of pet profiles on your MPC app for personal use!

Do I need an MPC profile to purchase a pet ID tag?

Yes! The tags are designed with an MPC security number to link to your pets’ profile in the event your pet is ever lost.

Can I use the My Pet Credentials ID tag on any pet?

No! Your MPC ID tag is unique to each individual pet – each pet must have its own tag for purposes of scanning and lost pet recovery.

Can my pet be identified through My Pet Credentials without a tag?

Yes! if you have completed your pet’s profile, anyone can visit and alert you that your pet has been found. A pet can be found by entering a microchip numbers, MPC security number or a rabies ID number.

If I misplace my pet tag can I replace it?

Yes! However, the cost of a replacement is the responsibility of the pet owner

Can I make appointments for my pet using the app?

Yes! You can send a secure appointment request from your device at any of your designated pet providers, like vets, groomer or daycare!

Will I receive notifications of appointments or vaccination reminders?

Yes! You will receive notifications of all appointments with your pet service providers, vaccinations expiring within 30 days of the expiration date and vaccinations that have been verified by your veterinarian.

Does my current microchip need to be registered with the manufacturer?

No! While we always recommend that you register a microchip with the manufacturer, it's not a requirement of our system in order to work with the My Pet Credentials platform.

If my pet has the MPC ID tag, does it no longer need a microchip?

Yes! The MPC ID tag is uniquely QR coded and linked to your pet's MPC profile; as part of a total program of lost pet defense, including a microchip, it greatly enhances current efforts and gives you and your pet the best chance at being reunited.

Can I use all the app functions on the desktop site as I can on the mobile application?

Yes! All functions and pet information will be available for desktop, mobile or tablet versions.

Can I share an account with any of my family members?

Yes! You may authorize one additional user who can access your pets' profiles and receive MPC notifications or perform other app functions.

When will I receive notification that my pet’s vaccinations have expired?

You will be notified 30 days from the date of expiration.

What types of pets does My Pet Credentials support?

MPC currently supports companion pets such as dogs and cats, and horses. Future developments will include other animals as well as an expanded equestrian element.

What language options are available in MPC?

The app and program are available in English with additional language capabilities planned for the future.

Can adoption agencies and rescue organizations utilize My Pet Credentials?

Yes! Pet adoption groups can create profiles for each pet in their facility. Our Version 2 release will include a transfer of ownership function so the adopting agency can easily transfer all of the pet’s information and records to the new owner.